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“People run from rain but 
in bathtubs full of

I've seen people posting this quote, and a quick google search says it's from Roominghouse Madrigals, but I don't think that's correct as I can't find it anywhere in there.

Ideas, anyone?
What do you think?

I mean, other than how cleverly you are trolling the Bukowski forum...
He'd probably say there's a big difference between running away from the rain like a tiger is after you than ducking when an apple is thrown at you. With an apple, you can pick it up and shove it in the ass of the guy who threw it at you.

In any case, losers like this are what Bukowski called subnormal. Nothing worth getting your blood pressure up about because they still live at home with their moms and have to be careful about jacking off too loudly.

We at Bukowski.net can jack off as loudly as we fucking want.

Loud and proud, Brother Fante.
As someone who owns two Black Sparrow Press books signed by Buk himself, I don't personally like it. I am no troll of the forum. It was purely a question.

I also think it's taken out of context, as the stanza that follows it definitely adds another layer in meaning.

Oh well, I'm used to idiots not liking him for one reason or another.
Appreciate you are not a troll. I think it just appeared like you were trying get our goat. And our goat is a very angry goat who chain smokes, eats gravel, and shits bullets. We love gizabelle very much.

Owning a signed Black Sparrow book doesn't carry much weight around here. MJP currently has John Martin's balls sitting in a medicine jar filled with grain alcohol.... Thanks to gizabelle...
Earth 2: God I Got The Sad Blue Blues and I Am Read To remain uncollected.

It measures a ridiculous 14" x 8.5" for it's time...


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