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Last night I'm driving down my street and I hear this clang clang coming down the road.
Its a freaking skunk is walking down the middle of the road with its entire head stuck inside a baby jar.
The weight of the jar forcing the skunk's head to the pavement
Seems this shit squirrel has jammed its head so far into the jar it couldn't get out.
So I stop the car and wait for the skunk to bump its (jar)head against my tire the curb then another tire.
I get out of the car to take a picture. It didn;t work well in the dark or I would post it)The skunk hits my tire again.
Then I thought of Steve Irwin
Sometimes you have to listen to those survival instinks
Don't know why but I thought this site would see the humour


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Your instincts were correct. A lot of skunks around here. My dog, not having your survival instincts, is sprayed at least once a year. Unpleasant doesn't begin to describe that odor at close range.


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lots of those things up north here too. one got hit by a car and injured in front of my house, then crawled under my deck and died! had to remove the boards to get the stinking mess out of there! :eek: gawd i love this sight!!:

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