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Excellent hand drawn animated film about - what else? - the Iranian revolution!

Really great all the way through. Good to watch when you get to thinking that the entire Middle East is nothing but a shithole full of bearded lunatics. This will remind you that is not the case. Or at least it didn't used to be.

This is notable aside from the story as simply a great piece of art. No one animates a feature length film in the old school methods anymore, and it's beautiful to watch.
I saw it in cinema two years ago and I was as enthusiastic as you. I really like the way Marjane Satrapi depicts without any manicheism life in Iran as opposed to life in Europ ; when criticisms have to be done, she doesn't spare anyone.

Actually, it is an adaptation from her samely-named comic. And she wrote/drew other ones, as excellent as this one.
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The book goes more into detail in some small areas. That the movie left out. I like her work as well. I've read her another of her books, "Chicken With Plums". It's really good. Iran condemned the movie when it came out. I like how she brought out the whole truth of her life in it!
The condemnation by Iran was not surprising

As a woman, I was particularly marked by Embroideries, in which Marjane Satrapi relates the women reunions that occurred by her grand-mother at tea time and during which these women of all ages talked without inhibition about men, love, sex, marriage, faithfulness, etc. The title, which refers to an operation of the hymen so as to become virgin again, already sets the tone of the book !
I tried to rent Persepolis yesterday, but they were all out (!).

I'll pick it up this week.

Thanks for the tip m to the j to the p.

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