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Any fans of Phil Ochs here?

What a great musician. It might not be the same in the US but he is criminally under-appreciated over here. Billy Bragg is a massive advocate for his music, but still most people I talk to over here have never heard of him, which is a shame since he played an important role in music in the 60's.
Anyway I listened to a brilliant BBC documentary on Ochs narrated by Billy Bragg: [mp3].
It's sad hearing about the latter stage of his career and life, I'd recommend giving it a listen.

Just thought I'd see if any of you guys like his music.
Don't remember the title, but I remember some of the lyrics from back in 1966 or 67 when I was a kid of thirteen or fourteen, somewhere around there or so:

"Take a look outside your window
There's a woman being grabbed
They've dragged her to the bushes
And now she's bein' stabbed

Maybe we should call the cops
Or try to ease the pain
But we're too busy reading Playboy and the Sunday New York Times
Besides it wouldn't interest anybody,
Outside of a small circle of friends.."

I remember liking his clear direct voice and the anger of his songs...

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