Philip Seymour Hoffman, Actor, Dies at 46 (1 Viewer)

I knew he had had a few bad months, but this is really shitty. He had little kids, which for me turns it tragic.
Woody Allen will probably make a century.
wow - i'm shocked - he never struck me as the type to be into that shit.
It truly hurts. I thought he was always being true to himself on screen too. Like in that movie where he huffed anything and everything. God, that was hard to watch. But you know, he wasn't exactly "Hollywood" material and he somehow made a dent in it. Much like Buk himself. He was a talented man and will be missed.
Yeah, totally sad. I was friends with his "in-law" family grownig up/in high school. I say "in-law" bc he & his wife never actually got married. Anyway, my point is, his in-law family & my good friend from high school, his sister-in-law, are good people, so nice. It sucks no matter what but ouch it hits home a little.

And, what a great actor too.
Not so bizarre i think. What do we know? Maybe nuthin. But here's what i think i know about 50 bags of heroin. He probably could afford to buy that many at once so he did instead of going out every day to score. Also, he may have been setting up for a binge just like a drunk buying all at once a case of beer, three bottles of vodka, a carton of smokes, and a case of wine all for him/herself. The other thing is maybe he's been clean for a while and had a low tollerance for the strong shit he bought so when he started banging he was using the same amount he used to as opposed to the same strength.
There is a strain of Fentenyl laced heroin that has killed at least 100 people on the east coast already. My bet is that he got some of this... Low tolerance or high, it would have killed him.

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