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I bought this photo, it is supposed to be signed to
Linda King and her sister. Didn't they do a magazine
together, Linda and her sister? I wonder how this
photo travelled and ended up on ebay? Well, ended up
in Stockholm actually but I know that last part of the trip.

Maybe Linda is hanging out here on the forum?
I will write her if not.

Any comments on this otherwise? It's nice I like it.


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Nice photo and the signature looks legit but the story doesn't make much sense. Why would Bukowski sign and send a photo of a bust that Linda King made to her when she owns the original? I'm not saying that it's not true... just seems odd to me.
Well as it's a photo of the clay bust, not a bronze, it must have been taken shortly after the sculpture was finished. I would guess that Linda was proud of her work and took a lot of photos, and she maybe asked him to sign one or two. Nice little piece.
I have to go with chronic on this one. Doesn't make sense that he would that he would sign it to both King and her sister. Seems more than a bit impersonal for one of the women he loved so much. I would want to know more about where it came from, though that may be tough to determine.
Didn't they do a magazine
together, Linda and her sister?

Yes, they did. They published Bukowski in a few issues in the mid 70s. Actually, they published him in several magazines. The signed item might be a token of appreciation or something.
That's a nice big pic of the bust and the signature looks legit. A very nice item! It would be great for framing...
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The signature is legit. I wonder if it is to Linda and Gerry or other sisters. Some women refer to their tits as the "sisters" or the "twins"....

Still, if HankD bought this directly from Linda King then that would seal the deal.

I bought it on ebay but I am planning on asking Linda in a letter if she's not around here. Yeah, I also am certain that the signature is real.
Mmmm, I also heard men refer to tits as "Kojak twins"... :cool:

"Kojak Twins" is pretty funny!

Linda King is not on this board that I know of. She may look around, but I do not remember her ever posting.

maybe Linda asked him, back then, to sign it for her sisters (excluding her of course) to send them the pic, so they can see the sculpture.

I mean, this could have been right after finishing the bust. In this case the sisters wouldn't have seen it till then.

HankD: nice catch!

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