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Photocopies of a letter only $10 :-O (1 Viewer)

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Rummaging through some old boxes of papers from a storage bin auction I found this letter from Charles Bukowski to Randy Yeo, dated 1985. The original was pretty beat up but I managed to get it smoothed out and it copies well. THIS IS A COPY ONLY.
Save your money... visit AuthenticBukowski.com (unless you're ecclectrical_collectibles).
Yup. Although at some point, after many years, an historic photocopy might be worth more than a nickel. Or not.
someone should email him and let him know that:

1) his story is proven a lie as we have the original scan here, so the storage locker story is a big fat lie.
2) selling 100 copies of a letter by Bukowski is publishing it. He can be sued for damages....

If I had more time, I'd buy them all and not pay for them. He clearly has no problem lying and breaking the law to make a few bucks, someone should show him the same courtesy.
How many fucking times is he going to sell copies of that fucking letter? This must be the fifth fucking time I've seen the fucking thing. I'm really fucking tired of that fucking letter. Fuck Randy Yeo. And fuck this fucker who keeps selling copies of the god damned thing.
What nerve that guy has. Soon he'll be selling Buk letters in batches, all copied from Buknet.
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It seems like that sort of listing would be against eBay's terms of service. Remember the xeroxed Bukowski chapbook bound in red velvet ribbon? At least that had something extra going for it. Which reminds me, I have a xerox of a rare chapbook that I photocopied in the 1990s (not Bukowski) that I want to put into an exotic binding. Snakeskin? With brass bolts instead of staples?
It seems like that sort of listing would be against eBay's terms of service.

I should think so, but I have the impression Ebay does'nt care too much about that, at least not if anybody except the copyright owner complains about it.
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