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Site is running today. Looks like they're also giving away a lot more, including Acrobat Pro v.8., InDesign and Illustrator CS2.
that's a nice move.
And while reading about the offer on the site, I realized for the first time the 'content aware'-technology in CS6. Now THAT is a blast!

Follow the discussion on the CS2 dowloading fiasco. Very interesting. Some staff members are saying that it was all a mistake and that you are NOT allowed to dowload it, but they will not iise an official statement, and have not removed it from their download page in almost a month... Either Adobe really fucked up and is in panic mode, or this is some sort of created controversy to get their name mentioned over an over. \

If you asked me, I think that this is all a game and they are just trying to play it for publicity. How long would it take to add a disclaimer on the download page that you MUST PURCHASE and that this is not meant to be free? I'm no web wizard, but it seems like it would take about 10 minutes?
There's a column with serial numbers...that hardly seems like a mistake. If it was a mistake they would have removed the downloads or the serial numbers about 5 minutes after they realized they were out there.
I agree, but Adobe employees have made comments on the board that they are NOT giving anything away for free, but then refuse to go into further detail. I agree that it certainly seems that they are giving it away from looking at their download page, but what is the reason that they could be being so mysterious?

Even Forbes has now retracted their original article and are now saying that it is not a free download and are citing one post form one Adobe employee (the original thread that contained the post has now been removed by Adobe) as their reason...

Do you think that they are just trying to get as much free press on this as possible? Maybe. It seems to be working, although people that bought CS2 (where do you even buy an antique program?) and tried to activate it seem to be a bit pissed at having paid for something only to have it given away days later...
First I've heard about this. CS2 is still pretty functional and useful software, especially if you're learning to use any of the programs since the basic functions and uses are still the same. Not the newest and shiniest version, but for free? Hell... when I bought CS2 it was around $1,000.

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