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One retreat after another without peace.
this is a pic from an article in the british men's mag arena. i thought i'd post it as it doesn't seem to be in BS's barfly. unfortunately i don't have the article. this is the caption on the photo:

"in barfly, mickey rourke gives a bravura performance as the legendary literary lush, charles bukowski. in the first of two reports we meet bukowski on the set. in the second mickey rourke rails against the critics and vents his spleen on the hollywood system."

maybe someone (or many!) here has this article??


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looks like one of the publicity shots, from the session that was used for the cover of the BSP edition of the screenplay:


no, not a film still.
can the article be scanned and OCR'ed to a text file?
hiya hank. thanks for replying to the thread. yes, it does look like a publicity shot, but i haven't seen it anywhere other than in this article (which isn't saying much.) i don't have the article now, unfortunately, or a scanner... :(

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