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:mad: I was trying to show you all this paper I found in a book that was cut out of the paper talking about buks death. But my camera is new and I cant seem to get the pic to show up. Damn! Sorry.


Here it is. It was in a used copy of You Get So Alone

No pic here...

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Hope thats useful.
Yeah, ah, one more time in english?:confused: I don't know what to do. Feel like throwing this f@#kin thing against the wall. :mad: Sorry I'm an idiot. Been tryin to get this pic up for 41/2 hrs now, and I think I've been beat. Damn! Maybe someday...

Okay, did it work this time?

hey, jerry, thanks - never wld have seen it without your efforts.

why did frances smith change her name??? liked what she was quoted as saying, "he was kind of solitary, but he had the biggest heart...and the rest of it was just trying to cope."
Right on. glad that it worked, and that you all enjoyed that little piece.
Thanks for all the help, and encouragment.
:) Jerry

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