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Okay, here's one for those out there who have genuine signed Bukowski pieces.

Opinions, please on these two pieces:



Plus, this guy has lots of signed scribbles. Some of them he even says, look like pages torn out of old books. Now that would make them look older wouldn't it?

I think everything he's selling is bogus. The Charles Shultz and Andy Warhol drawings would be worth thousands of dollars if they were authentic, which it is painfully obvious they are not.

The Don Martin drawing, Ken Ralston -- jesus christ, this is all bullshit! Argh. These cartoons al ALL traced or poorly copied.
Wow. They look real to me. That being said, I would not buy them without a guarantee. Paypal would jelp. Of course, it is nearly impossible to get a refund from Paypal, when the seller is outside the US.

From the scans. The red one seems like the man is wrong, but that could he the way that he drew it. The blue one looks better...

Still a bit odd...

I just took a look at his Carl Barks drawing of Donald Duck. That is definitely a fake. It does'nt even look like a Barks drawing and I know because I've been a Barks fan most of my life. And the signature is just so fake to look at.
Strange that a seller like him has'nt been kicked out of ebay long ago, but we all know the answer - he generates money for ebay...
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PLUS, he hides the buyer, refuses to accept paypal (requires cash or money order).

Better to throw your money out the window....

I take back my previous post. Stay away from these....


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