Play the Piano Drunk and War All the Time. (1 Viewer)

it is looking like these will be next on my list after I am done with The Days Run Away and Mockingbird...

what am I to expect from Play the Piano Drunk... and War All the Time?

is it me or did Buk's poetry get better as he got older? maybe he refined his ways?
I know he was fined several times for d.u.i. , so its pretty likely he got fined for his ways as well...
Many critics believe War All the Time to be one of his better anthologies. It is certainly a very tight collection of work with a narrative voice deceptively weaving together his own subjective experience of a, seemingly, objective world into one hell of a social commentary that sort of smacks you in the face a few seconds after you've finished the poem(s). It is ALMOST as if by accident.
Hey, I said 'hell' and 'smack'. Okay, okay. How's this: It is such a fucking good book (about a man's observations of his own world) that I almost shit my pants every time I read it.

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