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Could it be? A burl vase stamped C. Bukowski? What are the chances its him? I can't find one shred of info on similar projects but I'm still hopeful. How fucking cool would that be?? Help solve my mystery!

20190324_115103.jpg 20190324_115300.jpg 20190324_115234.jpg

When I found this little nugget and began to fantasize about the possibilities, I realized that there seems to be a curious overlap among fellow Bukowski fans and dudes who enjoy woodworking. Interesting, right? Although it isn't super surprising, considering there always seems to be a similar stink running through those of us who love him. But, woodworking? So, here's my question: Is it possible that this is Hank's handiwork? I can picture him fiddling around with this sort of project but, I can't believe he ever had his shit together long enough to have a stamp at the ready to mark finished pieces...unless a gift-giving, drunk muse was at hand. Then again, having a drunk muse at hand was generally a given. Woodworking tools though? And, what kind of wood is this? I need answers! Someone get all researchy & solve this mystery. Is it THE "Charles"?? I need to know!

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