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lothario speedwagon

i'm so sick of this asshole selling a scan of this book (not bukowski)... and the worst part is that people buy it! sometimes ebay shuts him down, and other times, someone buys it with BIN before they get to it. you can find the whole damn book on flickr if you're so inclined, so paying $100 for a .pdf or a link where you can view it is ludicrous. anyway, it just makes me mad, so if you have a few extra seconds, report it as counterfeit/copyrighted material, and i'll send you 1000 thank-yous.
i should disclose that i make money selling books by this author, and that i view his auctions as affecting my business.

but don't help me out for my business... help me out because this guy's a douche.
If the works in this book were created before 1-17-78 (the effective date of the 1976 Copyright Act) then all contents are protected under copyright for life plus 70 years; it's one thing to sell a copy of a book, it's another legal matter entirely to scan the contents of copywritten materail and offer them for sale ... that's a publisher's concern and this jerk is in clear violation of the law.
it was actually published in 1983, and the book was composed in the late 70's. i'm certainly no expert in copyright law, but putting up a .pdf of a book for sale is just so brazen.
Yeah, that's not cool. He's basically bootlegging. Artists have a hard enough time as it is without the parasites. I also reported it, so, we'll see what happens.
done. Still ebay stands by their thieves as long as they sell enough. This guy does not sell enough for the mobsters at ebay to protect him.

Sell one fraudulent book a month and ebay will shut you down. Sell 10,000 fraudulent books a month and they will take all steps to make sure that you can continue to rip people off.


I've got to say, I was reported this week on e-bay too, for trying to sell 'bootleg' CDs.
I had had a guy (a seller of LPs on e-bay)
ask me to burn some of the CDs for him
and he'd buy them from me for his personal collection, and I could still sell the originals...
"Make some money for yourself on the side" he said.

Well, I e-mailed him back a no-can-do response
and quite suddenly all my 'bootlegs' had been cited as violations so I had to take a little e-bay tutorial to be able to list anything again.
14 stupid question quiz,
then I re-listed them all again, this time with all the CD information that was on them (some even had UPC #s, none of them are CDrs)
and within a day, they were all yanked again.

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