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I might sound ignorant or something, but when reading items descriptions on eBay I usually come across two things I quite don't get. The first one is "OOP". What the hell does that stand for?

The second one goes something like this: "this book was/is signed, though uncalled for." I understand the words and get the feeling it's kind of negative, but would like to know the exact meaning of that.

OOP = Out Of Print
"Signature not called for" means it wasn't issued as a signed edition, but was signed later.
I think people place an "authenticity" value on signed editions from the publisher that you can't place on later signed items, which is understandable. Doesn't seem to deter most eBay bidders though.
The value of the signature on a piece seems relative to the item and its limitation/scarcity, when it was signed, any association (inscription), etc. And yes, there certainly is an issue of authenticity. But does a COA (a written form of affirmation) from a dealer necessarily certify something as being authentic? If said dealer wants to sell a forged document, why not provide a COA to seal the deal?
let's say somebody goes to a bar where Bukowski is having a drink. That person happens to have a paperback copy of P.O. in his suitcase or something. He asks B to sign the book and B gracefully does so.

Is that signed book -uncalled for- MUCH LESS valuable than the books issued as signed editions?
In that case, yes....

Probably $400 for the Paperback signed (if it is a PB first) and at least $1500 for the Signed HB Edition...
I've never had any faith in COAs (not to offend Abandon Planet). What do they mean, really? Unless they are issued by the publisher, they carry little weight as far as proving whether or not a signature is authentic (as far as I'm concerned).
I would agree that a COA from Joe Seller is worthless, but a lot of buyers want them. As you mentioned, a COA from a publisher is a different matter. But an unscrupulous seller could easily create a COA with a publisher's name, so...

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