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I have been watching these videos of surgery from the 1930's over my morning coffee, and they are too amazing not to share with my friends. :)

If you find the sight of doctors chiseling out a big chunk of skull, or running their hands around a beachball-sized ovarian tumor to figure out where it is attached to the patient's insides disturbing, you may not want to watch. But it's fascinating stuff if you can bear it.

I will never complain about modern medicine again. Though I'm sure seeing modern video of the same operations would be equally disturbing.
Wow that's something. I'm glad they're silent. I think the combination of audio AND video may have made it more disgusting. But at the same time... not much worse than your typical horror movie. Just... more real.
Well, that was entertaining. Too bad you don't get to hear the conversation during the surgery where the doctors and staff make insulting (and pithy) comments about the victi... err... patients.

I always wanted to use the word "pithy" in a sentence. This must be my lucky day.
Nice entertainment but a bit disturbing...if you're the patient!
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