please liberate yourselves as you promised to do - Transit #1, 1993 (1 Viewer)

From the first issue of Transit, edited by Kevin Ring.

It is classic Bukowski to write - and send out for almost certain publication - a poem like that while living with someone who fits a lot of the descriptions.

Just saying.

He didn't hold much back.
That's a poem with a lot of truth to it, I think.
Thanks, MDR!
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Great poem, describing an ever growing major illness of "todays" fucking world..

"The liberation of men is not necessary, they say.."

Enjoy yourself, but..
Reminds me of the women of Southern Florida; they're 65 years old, look like shit since they've gone under the knife 15 times, and still act like they're hot shit. Thanks for the scan by the way.

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