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Hi, a girl just asked me about a poem she has read, must be in a regular German edition, so nothing scarce like mag-only-appearence or manuscripts, where he describes a dog walking the street, being battered somehow but still walking with grace.
She couldn't tell if it literally was a dog (the animal) or a sort of bum.
I'm blank.

The database names 40 poems alone, that have "dog" in the title. So I hesitate to run a full-text-search.

Maybe the poem Dog from Love is a Dog from Hell?

It goes like this:
a single dog
walking alone on a hot sidewalk of
appears to have the power
of ten thousand gods.
why is this?

It could also be (even more so) I Saw a Tramp Last Night from The Continual Condition:
the way the old dog walked
with dotted, tired fur
down nobody’s alley
being nobody’s dog…
past the empty vodka bottles
past the peanut butter jars,
with wires full of electricity
and the birds asleep somewhere,
down the alley he went—
nobody’s dog
moving through it all,
brave as any army.

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