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Can someone help me find a Bukowski poem about a woman brushing her hair.
The poem I am reffering to described the snapping and I think crackling of her hair as she brushed like fireworks or firecrackers or something of the sort.
I've read through probably half the black sparrow books and cant seem to retrieve it anywhere.
Does anyone know the name of this poem and what book it was published in?

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure one of the resident geniuses who have everything memorized will come in and answer your question soon. They are amazing and very generous with their vast knowledge.
After they fill you in please feel free to stick around and tell us about yourself. BTW nice user name, reminds me of 1967.
Could be "Texan" from Love Is A Dog From Hell,
(which was published as "TEXSUN" in the LA Free Press - see this thread).

I thought it was about Linda King ('reddish hair', rather than 'red hair' :)) but you're probably right james.
Is Pam from Texas?

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