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scans of Quixote 13, edited by Jean Rikhoff Hills (NY & Devonshire: Quixote, Spring 1957) featuring the uncollected Bukowski poem "Poem For Personnel Managers:"





So, he'd had his hemorrhage; quit and went back to the post office;
was still married to Barbara, and doing some editing with her as well;
and sending stuff out.

I liked Poem For Personnel Managers.
It has so much of what I find I like about all his work.

Thanks is always appropriate, although it seems lacking.
Thanks so much, Jason.
Nice to see these old books. Thanks Jason. However, these 2 are collected in "The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills".

("Poem For Personnel Managers" also appears in the recent "The Pleasures Of The Damned")
When I interviewed FrancEye, she told me her favorite B poem was "Poem for Personnel Managers". Strong poem, indeed, published several times:
1) Quixote #13, 1957
2) Longshot Pomes..., 1962
3) The Days Run Away..., 1969
4) Run With the Hunted, 1993
5) Heat Wave, 1995
6) Pleasures, 2007
I think the colon causes the split in the database.
That's it. The database is very dumb that way. If the title is different, no match. That is fixed in the new db interface, which has a "loose match" option.

Of course the perfect solution would be a database that included some of the poem -- say the first line. But who would be insane enough to compile such a thing?! :rolleyes:
One way to find poems in the current database is using a key word. The "key" word in "Poem for personnel managers" would be "personnel" because:
1) it's not the first word
2) it's not the last word [when Bukowski -or whoever it was- reworked poems and changed the title, many a time the first and last words were changed, removed or replaced]
3) it's an unusual word

Of course, this doesn't work for poems titled "hot" or "now", but in this case it does work.

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