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anyone has read this poem, which I believe it's an attack on Winans? Apparently, Winans wrote a not-too flattering ;) poem on B, and B responded by writing "Poem for the Poet up North", which, as usual, is a cruel -and probably undeserved- attack on Winans.

I think this was published in Impulse magazine circa 1978 (was this mag. edited by Menebroker?)
have not read that one or anything about it.
you sure got me doing some homework though.

are you talking about ann menebroker?
can you post poem
'poem for the poet up north'?
it reminds me of the wantling story when you talk
about buks impulsive responces.
man, I don't have that poem, that's why I created this thread. Winans talks at length about this in one of his books about B.

By the way, I haven't read Winans' poem, either. I think it was titled "Poem for the Poet Down South", or something like that.
In The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski And The Second Coming Revolution, A.D. Winans says:

He responded by writing a poem titled "Poem for the Poet up North," which was published in Impulse, a small Southern California literary magazine. The gist of the poem was that he had once shared a few drinks with me (Before he became successful), and because he later gained literary fame that this somehow "gnawed" away at me. He couldn't have been more wrong. I responded with a poem of my own ("Poem For the Poet Down South"), which Impulse magazine also published.
I can't find anything resembling Poem for the Poet up North. Does anyone happen to have the copy of Impulse that it appeared in?
Ha! I came across this little something a few years ago. I tried to find all the Impulse mags published in Southern California, to no avail. I finally emailed Winans and he said he had mis-remembered things or something along those lines. Indeed. The magazine he was thinking of is actually titled Impetus and the poem he mistitled is actually called "Bukowski on the mind." Why he changed the title to "Poem for the Poet up North" is beyond me. Maybe one of the lines says something like that.

To further complicate matters, before I found out that Impulse was actually Impetus, I came across a little mag edited by A. Menebroker called Impulse featuring B. in a couple of issues.

The boring life of a researcher, lemme tell ya that...
Ah, okay.

So, then...

Does anyone happen to have the copy of Impetus (#19, 1991) that Bukowski On My Mind appeared in?

Oh, it's probably in one of those infamous binders... A home away from home is where I'm at as of lately, the binders being in the other home...

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