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I'll be running some of your other pieces as well, Harry. "Back From The Dead" was just a starter and it was my pleasure to post it amid the other quality material we have over there.
Off topic: Interesting keyboard pictured below your poem Harry. Looks like one of these.

I fucken want one . . .


Sorry to hijack the thread.
Good work guys.
. . :o
Dat Keyboard!

Your handiwork is amazing, both the way you shoe horned that pc into the cabinet, and of course, your cabinetmaking skills themselves.

But what about that keyboard? Did you build that too? Surely something that beautiful isn't for sale on the mass market, is it?

But if so, where?

Oh, and Harry, nice piece at Hem's Shotgun, congrats.
Hi davidblaine,
the keyboard and modified pc are not the work of any Bukowski.net forum members as far as we know. I think CarversDog just selected a pic of one of those keyboards to compliment the poem "Ghost Writing Distance in Vowels".

They make me think of HG Wells or Jules Verne :D

I'll publish more of Harry's stuff at Shotgun later in the week, guys. Good stuff, for sure.

Will keep an eye out for sure :)
Harry, I just put up a nice typewriter/metal desk image with your poem, now that it's moved down the page by one column. Hope you like it ...
It's very appropriate.

BTW? In all the hub bub over the geeky key
boards, the writing has been pushed a bit to the

I loved teh title, man. It really works well. . .


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