Poem Written by Buk and Neeli under Pseudonym (1 Viewer)


According to Neeli, this is the poem that he and Buk wrote when they were not happy with the quality of the submissions. This was published in issue #2 of Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns.

Thanks to nymark for sending me this scan.

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p.s. Did Neeli mention this poem in "Hank?" This may be old news....
Thanks, Bill & Nymark! - Yes, Neeli mentions it in "Bukowski - A Life" (first published as "Hank") on page 201-202, but he only quotes a little bit of the poem.
thanks bos!

I don't recall Neeli writing about this in 'Hank'. I only remember what they did some night to these submissions ...

Bukfan is too fast for me!
"call for the chesterfield midget"

I think maybe Buk & Neeli confused cigarette brands here. There was a midget in a bellhop uniform who ran around yelling "Call for Phillip Morris" in ads circa 1940/50s.

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