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I am interested in courage and it's a topic that i find in bukowski. In anticipating comments by guys like erik and d, yes i know that i could just read all of bukowski and make a list for myself and live in my own little "mike and bukowski" bubble. however, this being a bukowski FORUM, i'm putting it up here for discussion.

For me, courage has to do with being unafraid of death, or resigned to the fact that death is as real as life. If anybody else has another idea of courage i would be interested to hear it. Also, if anybody has poems in mind that they find to be powerful, i'm interested in that too.

"let 'em go" from "you get so alone at times that it just makes sense" blew me away today like a billows on the fire of my soul. The paradox of being accepting and yet also not accepting is awesome. the freedom that is gained by acknowledging that it could all go up in smoke. but it's not the kind of freedom that some people think, where one makes a huge mess and does whatever they want. it's a different kind of freedom, a freedom laced with a sense of leaving things tidy ... it's like if he goes, he at least wants to know that his cats can go romp around in the end days without the bother of a collar. not to mention the power that comes from realizing that we're not the ones screwing everything up, the government is.

[Confucius say; Use excerpts sparingly, and entire poems rarely. -ed.]

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