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Does anyone know if Poems and Drawings had a limitation of signed copies? Or has anyone here ever owned
an un-called for signed copy? I have been researching a bit and have come up blank.
No officially signed edition. I'm sure that Buk signed some. I'm also almost positive that at least a couple are owned by some folks on this forum....

Krumhansl indicates that an estimated 300 of the ~500 copies were given away gratis to subscribers of EPOS. Thus, over half of them were not specifically purchased by fans of Buk. If there are 300 copies left out there in any kind of reasonable condition, I'd be surprised. I'd be willing to bet that there are little more than a handful of signed copies out there.
I agree with PS. I'd bet that there are not much more than 50 copies in ANY condition still in existence and that there are probably less than 10 signed and that all of those were either given by Bukowski early on, or were copies that Montfort or Fogel had signed for them. I know that Al Fogel got some from the publisher back in the 80's, but if they were on the open market, they should have shown up.
Yeah, I was looking for a signed one for a few months with no luck. I did find a very few unsigned, so perhaps it actually is a "rare" Buk item.
Here's one with an early inscription and drawing.


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