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Poems Written Before Jumping Out Of An 8 Story Window (1 Viewer)


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wish I could get this one. Many of the poems remain uncollected as of yet. A little treasure, but I simply can't afford that.

[Old eBay link.]
A good (meaning cheaper - am I becoming predictable? Ha) alternative to that first edition is the later litmus printing out of Salt Lake City. It has a few letters included that aren't in the original, and Brad Darby photos of Bukowski on the cover rather than the bearded flower child...

There were two printings, but not sure of the number. Might have it somewhere. I don't recall ever seeing this one go for over $75, though it may have. Generally around half of the first version.
That one on e-bay is a litmus edition too, but 1968. Is it the first edition? And, is the one with the buk photos (1975) a 2nd printing of that edition with the letters? Well, which one is the true first? The litmus first or the one I see that is 1968 from Berkeley/Exchange. I have seen one posted also that says both Litmus and Berkeley/Exchange. This is getting downright confusing. Finally, in terms of collectibility, would you rather have a 1968 first, whichever one it is, or a second printing from Litmus signed by Bukowski?
I thought the first 1968 edition (as seen on eBay, with the bearded gas mask cover) was published by Poetry X/Change out of Chicago. But I see someone asked that eBay seller and he says litmus. Krumhansl says Poetry X/Change, Glendale, but on the back of the title page, "a LITMUS first edition," so I guess they are one in the same.

In that case, litmus published all editions of this; the first, as seen on eBay with the bearded gas mask cover, then two later printings of the edition I pictured above, which is from 1975, and states, "First edition with correspondence, second printing."
Let me tell you all
I have the first edition of this,...
And it is one UGLY production.

I remember reading or hearing somewhere that Buk wasn't happy with it either, like the Going Modern publication,
And wanted this one supressed
Well the second edition is very seat-of-the-pants too. The typesetting is ugly, and the whole thing is kind of funky. But then a lot of things from that era were a little sloppy.

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