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Hello everybody.
Firstly, I would like to apologize for my pure english. I'm from Poland and I've more important things to do, heh.
Forgive me if similar threat is somewhere on forum.

I would love to know who is a poet and Bukowski's friend in last short story in "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" - this man lived in Greece and next in London.

Someone have any ideas? Thank You all for any answers. I'm also aware that this may be stupid question, but i'm also stupid man :)

greetings from me and polish fans of Buk.
I'm glad if you're happy now ;)

and sorry, i don't have 'friend' on this forum. It's normal when ppl vomit on polish users on the boards, but i like it.
Damn, you're fucking cute man. and remember... it's very simple soultion for idiots from Poland. Give them beer or ban.

Have a nice day or whatever.

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