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Finally watched a doc I recorded last week on Bravo (Canadian arts t.v. channel). Poetry in Motion 25 by Ron Mann. The follow up to his 1981 doc Poetry in Motion. Basically stuff that hit the cutting room floor on the first edit.

Some more Bukowski: as with the first PiM he doesn't read but does talk about his writing process. One thing he joked about was getting his mind off the thought that he had gone upstairs to "write" was to reply to a letter and, at one point, played around with a Rubik's cube for a couple hours. No doubt that cleared his mind of any literary pretensions.

Can't find that clip of PiM25 on youtube yet like other clips from the first PiM. Like the first most of the poets reading and yakking make me dislike poetry to the extreme.

is Bukowski's contributions to the first PiM.
I had no idea about this, thanks for sharing. It will hopefully turn up on Youtube or somesuch sooner than later.
Those Poetry in Motion discs - and I understand that I may be in the minority - make me want to kill myself. They are so dull and pretentious.

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