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I'm new here, and hope I'm not out of line for asking advice about pricing. I'm downsizing and need to find new homes for these. The first one is the final issue of Adios, 1964 with Los Angeles writers, 2 Bukowski poems, "Upon Listening to the Symphony While Drunk" and "Everything". The second one is Issue 3 of the Outsider (hand bound in New Orleans) with Bukowski on the cover as "Outsider of the year, 1962." There is a special section with letters from Bukowski, reviews, poems, & drawings. Neither one of these are signed, but are in good shape. Any idea what to ask for them? Thanks.
Sorry, it is Upon Listening to Symphony Music While Drunk-- listed incorrectly. For both, $95.00. If you're interested, I can photograph. thanks.
'Adios' is really the final issue of 'Coastlines' (Vol. 6 - No. 1/2 - 1964). You have listed it twice (used both 'titles') in the database mjp. Did you mean it like that?

C.Logan if roni passes, please post a photo here, I'm interested in them too.
Hi, that would be $95 for both, will post photos later, need to check on shipping to Germany. I'd use paypal, and that includes insurance...more later, thanks.
consider it bought.

The PayPal-insurance only covers the payment, not the shipping. I think the shipping should be insured also, since I do trust you but not the postal service.
Hi, going to mailing place to get estimate, I'll see how much UPS is as the mail here has cut back-- what part of Germany are you in?
Hi there again, Hope everyone had a good New year's holiday...found some more poetry periodicals in storage, sale of others to Roni went well, though I'd ask here if anyone's interested. Before I put up on ebay. No Bukowski, I'll take down if this is out of line--

1) CONTACT2, this is a journal from San Francisco of new writing, art and ideas from 1959. Aldous Huxley, other authors, and photo essay on the Human Condition. 2) Two issues of Evergreen Review, # 5 & 11 Summer 1958 and Winter 1960. Kerouac, Beckett and others. 4) UBU ROI paperback, third edition, 1961. I'll be glad to send pictures, email me at [email protected]. (Prices $40 for Contact2, $20 each Evergreen and $5.00 Ubu Roi.) Thanks.

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