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stop the penistry
joan jobe smith asked me to post this on her behalf:

hello you guys... hoping this is the right email address to tell you abt the 1st Annual Bukowski Festival celebration of literature, poetry & art to be held Sat., Mar 28, 2009 @ 8pm at The Elephant Theatre, 6324 W. Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca (1 blk west of Vine)... more info: [email protected].. along with Neeli Cherkovski, Linda King (Buk's First Linda, not Widow Bukowski), Fred Voss, Gerald Locklin, i will be a featured poet reading some of my Bukowski poetry; will hype chance press upcoming issue... love, joan jobe smith.. p.s. my computer won't let me access internet anymore; cd you pls post the above info on Buk.net?... today is 15th anniersary of Buk's death; this afternoon am visiting his grave to place some pink camellias and a bird of paradise and pour some cognac across his topper grass...

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