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"23 is an interesting number, it has duality and trinity within, the lucky one is who can use that". I found it interesting too, I wanted to get it tattooed on my shoulder at one time, with an old locomotive, it would have been written on an old parchment in front of it, and the wings would have stuck out from the body, while the claws would have stuck out from the wheels. I did not have enough money than.
On that 23. April, by chance or intentionally, I saw the literature evening would be held, my attention was drawn by the book cover on the add. It was Buk`s poem book, which I owned and which was translated by the guest, poet, translator and painter named Vojo Šindolić, who was about to take part in the poetry reading. I couldn`t miss that, because I had one unique opportunity to hear something about the beat poets from a man, I found out that evening, who was connected to them in many ways. He was Ginsberg`s friend and he had a tour all over former Yugoslavia with him (Ginsberg was pretty surprised with the reception expecting an "iron curtain" in a communist country and he wrote a poem in Dubrovnik about his journey in that area). Vojo was also Buk`s friend and he claims that, although Buk was considered a drunkard and trouble maker he was basically very calm man, who used to write from 10 p.m. untill morning, drinking his wine or several bottles of beer, and in the afternoon he`d go to horse races.
I arrived on time, with a book under my armpit, because i expected an autograph and dedication , and I even managed to miss the room, but at he end I was at the right place. A few people, the true Buk`s lovers, were already there. I took a look at an exhibition of Vojo`s translation. There were Ginsberg`s Howl, several Kerouac`s books, the poetry of J. Morrison, Bukowski (The notes of a dirty old man), Mishima, Vojo`s poetry book..."It`s a pity it`s only the exhibition, I`d rather own some of them", I was thinking with a deep sigh.
After a short review of beat poetry and the Beatniks, Vojo was reading Ginsberg, Bukowski (the poem for the late girl-friend who was a really bitch to him, and who he loved limitless, for Jane). He was reading his own poetry too, and there is an obvious influence of the Beatniks who Vojo was hanging around with.
I asked him only one question, although I had in mind to ask him a lot, but it just wasn`t possible at the time. I wanted to know about some interesting event with Bukowski, and he told me that Bukowski strongly appreciated Ginsberg although he attacked and discredit the Beatniks in his poems and he couldn`t believe that "the two greatest American poets are gays".
At the end I got my dedication, not only from him, but from the reporter too, whose poem was on the margins (it was an used book I had bought, and the man wrote his poem on the margins and was very surprised when he saw it again).
I left with the recording early finished because of the batteries and I carried a huge pile of positive energy. And a wish to buy some of the exposed books as soon as possible.
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"23 is an interesting number, it has duality and trinity within, the lucky one is who can use that..."

Not to mention Michael Jordan, Ryne Sandberg, Ted Simmons, and The Brothers Johnson.

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