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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
[/quote] TheNorwegian translations suck, or, as a swede would say, "suger".
Today I read my first Buk poem in Dutch. It's quite bad.
No feel. Cold as Alaska.

How about the German translations?

Black Swan just told me Buk in Parisian French is horrible to read too.
The first book i've read were Serbo-croatian translations and they were/are every bit as good as the English originals. I couldn't think why, except maybe - "fuzzy blacknes and the represed desires of the Eastern European.?" ;)
Both - especially now, when I read exclusively in English, can understand extreme popularity of Bukowski in those parts of the World. Simple language and the message that can be universally understood.
Looking for advice – book of Bukowski poetry translations!!!

Dear admires of Charles Bukowski creative work and those who appreciate it!

I am a young Belarusian poet and translator who fell for Charles Bukowski poetry at first line. It turned out I’m not the only, and we are willing to share our love to the poetry of this author, mostly known to Belarusians as a prose writer, expressed in our mother tongue, which is the Belarusian language. We aspire to bring out a book of 50 poems by Ch. Bukowski translated into Belarusian.

This book would truly become an important event in the development of Belarusian school of translation and may even become a breakthrough in modern Belarusian poetry. It would also give a Belarusian reader an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most popular American writers of the 20th century and contribute to promoting American literature.

Unfortunately, as this project is non-commercial, we lack financial support. So I’d like to ask you for advice or ideas of where we could find either full or partial funding? I’ll be grateful for any kind of suggestions and help, actually.

We’re going to go all the way…

As it’s the only good fight there is…
A good friend of mine is from Belaruse. If this really comes to fruition I will wholeheartedly support your efforts and get her a copy/copies.

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