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Found this hilarious poem in remark. online issue #16:

pony up

just once I'd like to read
a poem written by John

© salvatore 2002
salvatore lives here in Delaware. He had one book published by Hemispherical Press, which was the press owned by Anias Ninja.

Strangely, I have e-mailed him only a couple times over the past few years and have never met him. I'm not sure what he is doing.

I do know his real name, though.....

reminds me a bit of this poem by John Thomas - only here goes the joke in the opposite direction:

Do you think John Thomas could go to heaven?
Considering it doesn't exist, no.

But I had the same reaction to his poem, wondering if he thought he was going to go to some place for good people after he died. Maybe it's meant to be ironical.

If those places did exist, I'm pretty sure the dark lord SATAN would be wiping his ass with Thomas now.
Thomas mentions writing the "Me & Bukowski" poem. Unless there is another one, he is referring to the one that was published by Gary Aposhian at 12 Gauge Press/Freethought. I seem to remember him telling me that he got those signed in jail. I could be wrong. I'm not sure that they would let you bring in booklets for signature in jail (but it is L.A., so who knows...) Maybe it was just before jail, but it was very near the end of his life, for sure.

I have been a guest at LA County jail and if you were there for a long time you could have someone bring you certain things. I don't know how they would deal with dangerous contraband like poetry broadsides though.

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