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Poop for Money - Terror St. Boot (1 Viewer)

That's nothing, you should see his copy of It Catches My Heart In Its Hands - cork-backed placemats have never looked so good.
I like it. So weird. Ribbon bound.

This gives ideas. For my own personal use, of course; not making stuff to sell.
I was going to say, "How can that thing have four bids!" but I suppose if someone didn't have that book, a copy of it for $5 might not be money wasted. I just hope no one is bidding on it believing it's a real copy of the book.

I know, it seems obvious, but...
It makes me want to make a "photocopy for my personal use only, in compliance with the fair use concept under copyright law" of a Bukowski book, but even goofier. Such as ALL THE ASSHOLES IN THE WORLD AND MINE with frilly lace trim on a pink velvet binding. With a gold ribbon holding it together. Just because. Technically, I think you're not supposed to sell such copies, it's infringement, but if it's a vintage knock-off, at some point does it become a "collectible" and not a rip-off?

It sold for $30! Is Kinkos open yet?

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