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I almost pulled the trigger on that one, but the Pogues are tomorrow's deal.

but still, $50 and free shipping is a good deal...
$50 and free shipping is a good deal...
Considering you'd drop $50 on 3 or 4 new CDs in the store, yeah, $50 for 13 discs is a steal. Even though #13 will likely go directly into my garbage can.

They price a lot of things like that though, right at that sweet spot where you say, "Shit, how can I not buy this..." That and the whole "everything-these-guys-ever-recorded" thing. Between those two bits of sucker bait, they must move a lot of product.

I know it's marketing, but I'll accept falling for it as long as they keep delivering things I want to hear.
anyone know what the pogues deal is?
They don't say until the sale starts. You only have 16 more hours to wait. ;)
yeah that took no time to sell out. they've had that set before, though. maybe quantities were limited.
I just checked the link again, and it no longer says sold out. tell your goofball. hell, tell all the goofballs.
Ha! touché. I'll bet a lot of people who buy those don't play them. Like buying a book and never reading it, or buying gold or silver and never spreading it out on the bed and rolling around in it.
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mjp - We have about six or seven silver coins and we have not yet rolled around in them. What's up with that?!
I'm afraid they'd stick to my back and then when I got up they'd fall down into my pant cuffs and then when I walked out to get the mail they'd fling out of the cuffs and into the driveway where those kids who have been breaking the ornamental tops off our fenceposts would find them and not realizing what they had spend them at the taco truck or the 7-11 for face value. That's why.
I received a Stooges Funhouse LP from these guys yesterday with a mangled corner and they have already shipped me a replacement. Not too shabby. Especially considering that the damage was likely UPS's fault anyway, and I didn't even want the LP, only the CD box that came along with it.

I still hate them, but I hate them a little less now. Run over there today and score "the most comprehensive Billy Joel collection ever!"

Or not.
I really wanted that Atlantic Blues Collection yesterday, but $55 for 4 cds seemed too much. even with free shipping.
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - FLASHBACK - 3 ½ hours of hits, rarities, alt. takes & unreleased material

Wow. Three and a half hours of alternate takes of ELO...the mind boggles (and the stomach turns).

Wait, isn't that a Bukowski poem?

I liked ELO :), the album with the red shoes I always wanted!

Buk copie.jpg shoes.jpg
Received the Stooges package. Already had the vinyl, but the CD set I've only seen for above $50.00. Had a 50% coupon pop market had emailed me, so picked up the package for 24.99! I'm happy!

I have a picture too!


I wasn't even going to email them about it, since it's just the corner and I could straighten it out and I don't even really care about it.

Funny though, I got the shipping notice for the replacement and it says it's the bundle, rather than just the LP. And they didn't ask me to send the damaged LP back. So I'm not sure, but I may have got two of the LPs and two of the CD boxes for $25 (thanks to Bill's 50% coupon).

That's one for each ear, which is the proper way to listen to HIGH DEFINITION music such as this.
Morrissey can be serious, but a lot of people miss out on his sense of humour. he's a pretty funny guy. lyrically, at least. I'm sure he's a boring twat in real life, but I'll probably never meet him. heh.

I booked myself in at the Y.W.C.A
I said: "I like it here - can I stay?
(I like it here - can I stay?)

I like it here - can I stay?
(I like it here - can I stay?)

And do you have a vacancy
for a back-scrubber?"

I love The Smiths but I'm glad I'm now at an age where I can't take Morrissey's lyrics remotely seriously. Actually, that's a lie, I'd much rather be 18 again. Anyway, that image reminds me of a lass at college who thought the line 'Sweetness, I was only joking when I said I'd like to smash every tooth in your head' was I'd like to mash a beetroot in your head. I prefer her version.
That's a boatload of Cash.

They are throwing all kinds of stuff at the "black Friday" wall right now. I can't believe they sold out of the 45 rpm vinyl version of Metallica's black album before I could get a copy. Now that's a shame. Imagine getting up to flip discs four times just to hear that shit.

"You know Bob, I paid $40 for this 180 gram 45 rpm vinyl version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and it still sounds just like the 8 track..."

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