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You get so alone at times that it just makes sense:


pork chops, said my father, i love
pork chops!

and i watched him slide the grease
into his mouth.

pancakes, he said, pancakes with . . .
And Father Luke assumes the body of Hank Solo. There's a scary sight. ;) It's like that Star Trek episode...you know, the one where Kirk acts like a narcissist (sic?) and the rest of the crew acts, well, badly. Yeah, that one.
Purple, that's scary when you cite Star Trek episodes.
I knew it was that poem right away myself as well. Sometimes hank solo needs a break.
oh, guys!
don't let's intermix 'Tracks' and 'Wars', okay?
gets me confused ...

Hank Solo doesn't need a break, he needs a straight shot at a Mos Isley bar. )

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