Portion from an (actual) wine-stained book (1 Viewer)

This is not nearly as good as all of the inscriptions I've seen posted here, but I figured that this might at least be interesting to some of the collectors.

The attached photos are from my copy of Ham on Rye. Buk apparently spilled some wine on the corner of the colophon page when he was signing it, and he noted it by writing "wine spot Buk" next to it. I thought it was a pretty cool mistake.

Ham on Rye - colophon page.JPG Ham on Rye - colophon wine stain.JPG
Years ago a bookseller's catalog listed a bunch of rare Bukowski books, all signed and inscribed to Steve Richmond, and the majority of them were beer or wine stained (I forget which). Must have been Steve's personal collection. I have the catalog somewhere.

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