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I'm excited about the new season of Portlandia that starts tomorrow night. If you've never heard of it, Portlandia is a comedy series from Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live and Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag (what? I know, I don't get it either).

It's set in Portland, Oregon, but skewers the hipsters that live in every big city (and probably most small cities by now). Really funny and worth a look if you like to laugh.

IFC is showing the episodes from the first season over the next few days as well. You can also see most of the first season episodes on hulu.com and probably in other places, for those of you in the know about those sorts of activities.

[This video is unavailable.]
The show is more hit than miss for me--but when I don't get something, I really don't get it. The show does have a bead on these hipster types though...which is worth watching just for that.
I found it by accident, and the first thing I saw was that "over" clip above. They had me from the moment he gave away his fixie because he saw a guy who he didn't think was cool riding one. It's so spot-on.

Yeah, there are a lot of hipster-culture references, but that's kind of the meat behind the whole thing. So I suppose it could seem like one big WTF? to someone who has never heard of some of the shit they are mocking.
... and Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag (what? I know, I don't get it either).

According to my Merge Records Facebook update (which all the hipsters subscribe to), Wild Flag will be on Jimmy Fallon's show tonight.
I've watched and loved it since episode one, season one. And, old coot that I am, I totally get it. But then I am not that far from Portland, so it's a local thing I guess.
I watched the first season last night, great stuff.

although I wasn't totally sold on the first episode. had to wait for the second episode to be hooked.

Kyle MacLachlan as the Mayor is inspired casting.
I wasn't totally sold on the first episode.
I think if I hadn't started with "over," yeah, some of the other ones - it might have taken an episode or two to really latch onto it. Having said that, I think every one of the bits is strong and funny in some way or another. Which is quite a feat, considering they throw a lot of different ideas into the mix.
i saw the clip of the 'dream of the 90's song,' and i was hooked at the line 'i gave up clowning years ago!'
this video is kinda old, but it's in the same vein as portlandia (and prescient too, if you consider that fix gear culture is even more prevalent now than it was in 2007)

I stumbled across it the other day. There was a kid trying to get a petition signed door-to-door. When a lady wouldn't sign it, his parents got involved. When they failed, his grand parents showed up. At that point, I knew this show was for me.
I watched an episode and really didn't understand the hype.
Later that night, in bed, I found myself chuckling over and over about the women for women shop.
Can't put my finger on it, but I love those crazy gals...
remember my girlfriend? St. Vincent? Annie Clark? some woman with a guitar shows up on the Portlandia tour and covers Pearl Jam.

yes, looove portlandia! i used to have ifc but cancelled my deluxe cable, and just the other day realized it's still on ondemand! i'm now caught up on the second season, and it's probably fair to say it's at least as good as the first season...

and speaking of the portlandia tour, has anyone by chance seen it live? it's coming through nashville, and i was considering going, but hell, it's probably already sold out by now...
remember my girlfriend? St. Vincent? Annie Clark?
Ah, right, right, she's the one who plays Dig a Pony all over the neck when you can play the whole thing in the first four or five frets. I admire that. That kind of, "let's make this more difficult" attitude. It's punk rock.

When she gets a little older she'll gain an appreciation of economy of motion. Moving your hand all over the neck of the guitar - it's exhausting. You can also play most of those songs while lying on a couch, I've found. Which really conserves your energy for more important things, like eating and watching TV.

But these are things that the kids will learn in due time.

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