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I was updating the timeline with some info from a Post Office employment document, but it raises questions. The P.O. history of Bukowski's time as a letter carrier is an unbroken string from 1952 to 1955:

8/17/52 Substitute carrier
4/1/53 Grade 2 carrier
4/1/54 Grade 3 carrier
3/1/55 Permanent carrier
3/11/55 Resignation

So if he spent 9 days in the hospital in 1954, he must have taken that time away from the carrier job. But that conflicts with what he's said about what happened after he left the hospital ("I got a job driving a truck," "Worked in the stockroom of the May Co. department store," etc.).

Funny thing is in his resignation letter from the post office in 1955, he complains of ulcers, but then when he wrote them a few months later to try to get his job back, he says he was lying about that.

Funnier still, he worked 2 1/2 years as a carrier, and in that time only got $100 in pay raises ($50 a year). When he was promoted to the permanent carrier job, he got a raise of $1755 - more than doubling his salary. He quit 10 days later.
Maybe its just like he said:" I used to think i can only write being poor, 2weeks behind in the rent."

Was he afraid of getting too comfortable?

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