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Schoolbooks are boring. They can be made less boring when spiced up with graphics and such. Still kinda boring. Next step is inteactive material on cd's. That's better for adhd-ers like me, but...hmmmmm. Not exciting really.
Reading Post Office again I'm remebered of Charles trick for learning loads of Boring stuff. He pairs it with sex and violence. Bingo! I realize that no matter how scientific or state of the art the didactic method is, it never uses the most obvious tool there is. My guess is that it would be considered unfitting to teach math by Cunting.
Has anyone heard of this idea before? Like, wouldn't it be great to honour our Man by launching Bukowskian Didactics?
A website with dicks, sweat, dirt and asses visualizing hillarious stories about algebra and the fall of Rome. All info correct of course, but served in a way that might increase the probability of someone actually reading and remembering it. I think a good deal of high school casualties would love that. Back in the days I would've anyways.
Do you have a typewriter? Like an old, manual one? You should type that out and send it to every congressman and senator in the nation. I can get you a list of their addresses if you don't already have one. You have to type each one individually for them to take you seriously. And this is serious business.
mjp - Am I the only capitalistic pig on this board? The Iraqi oil fields are open for business in the Western world for the 1st time in nearly 40 years. Exxon and BP and their ilk are moving in courtesy of a few thousand dead and George's itch of a Weapon Of Mass Destruction (actually China's entry into fuel consumption). Check the biz boards if you think I'm talking outta my ass. whatwasthatagain knows the score. Methinks it's George himself, coked up and bored, back in the saddle again in Texas with random shout-outs to any board he visits.
I thought as much. Well, I'm taking whatwasthatagain's marketing ploy with me to (he's the father of venture capitalism to you unenlightened commies) where it will be appreciated. Sex sells magazines and dicks, sweat, dirt and asses can sell schoolbooks.
Every post in this thread is a threat and/or an asset to The United States of America.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a great time to be alive.

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