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Post Office, numbered 1st edition (1 Viewer)


SIGNED/LIMITED EDITION. This is number 2 of only 50 copies printed, with an original color pastel drawing in bright colors by Charles Bukowski. The book is in amazing shape, with an unfaded spine. The boards are crisp, and the colors are vibrant. A magnificent copy of this scarce edition limited to 50 copies SIGNED by Charles Bukowski that seldom appears on the market. Bookseller Inventory # ABE-5141734090

$15,000. Is that a serious price or a fishing exercise?


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That's a serious price. You could probably get a couple grand knocked off that if you haggled, but historically, that's been the most expensive Bukowski first.

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they should knock a couple of grand off just for that drawing.

not one of his better ones imho.
if it sells for this price, this will set a new mark on the market.

I'm absolutely sure, we'll see Bukowski-collectibles at even much higher prices in the future. But for today's market, I think it's not a reasonable price.
10,000.- USD is fair today I'd say.


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A very nice copy. It looks a lot like the one I saw in Pasadena at the book fair in February, and may be the exact same copy -- I forget the dealer's name selling it there. I think that one was $15,000.


Good eye! So the seller buys it for $6,600 and then nearly triples the price in asking $15,000 for it. Quite a fishing exercise...
I believe the seller is a member of this forum, just go back through the PBA thread involving Mr. Runfola's sale.

I'd say 15K is steep and one might be able to get a nibble (and make a profit) in the sub-10K range but I'm basically just a schmuck sitting here. If anything, Roni would know what fair market value is.


Maybe the seller is hoping some trustafarian comes along who doesn't know shit about bukowski but hears he's pretty cool and tilts the market and screws us all.



James Cahill is a well known, reputable bookseller, but I do not believe that he is on this forum.

It is entirely possible that someone else bought the book and is having this bookseller offer it for them. In that case, they may want $10,000 from the sale and the bookseller would take their $5000 cut. This is all just speculation, but it could be the case.

You may be right, Bill.

I should probably edit my post to read the winner of Lot 97 is/was a member of this forum. It all seems so weird in that immediately after the auction was over and people started listing their winning lots, somebody came on and listed Post Office, along with a few other choice items.

And I believe within a week, the abe listing popped up on the same thread.

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