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I have started ordering postcards of some of my titles. On the back is bibliographical info. For the titles that are still in print, my goal is to sell more books. For out of print titles, my goal is to show off some of my cool releases. I order these 1000 pieces at a time. I'm just waiting on one more to arrive and I'll have a total of 10. That final one is the postcard for David Barker's Bureau edition.

If you want any of these, please shoot me an email to [email protected]. No charge of course, and I'll cover postage.

My plan is to do one of these postcards for each major release as I do them or before as a way to get the word out.

oh, and by the way... If your book is on here, expect a box with a bunch of your postcards (plus a set of the other ones.) I'm looking at you, Carol, David & Damian.

Also, notice that Bukowski's as Buddha smiles' postcard is one of these postcards...
Remember folks, postage for post cards in the US has gone up...I think it's 33 cents now. Just in case you wanted to send a few extras to the States that is...from the States...[I'll shut up now]
Also, had I taken a photo of the back, you would see that these are more prospectus than postcard. There is no area for an address, etc on the back. If you send these out, they;ll need to be in an envelope.
thanks for sending these my way, bill! quite a handsome production...
by the way, what's the old book page that says "polycarp" at the top of one side, and "religious souvenir" on the other?
It is from an old book that I have here. It was one of those antique books that you buy for $1 at the used book shop. It was in pieces when I bought it, so I used pages for this. I also use them for other art projects.

The book itself is typical boring 19th century crap...

Received my copies. Yes my copies.

The white background of the postcards is daring.
The rice paper sleeve is a subtile detail.
Good production, Bill. Tender & Professional.
I'll take some, if some is still available, old sport. (I think 'is' is appropriate grammar-wise since "some" is a singular 'group,' yes?) (still, sounds weird.)(I might be over-thinking.)

send to asheville pls.thx.

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