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now, this is REALLY *not* Bukowski:

I don't have a TV and watch all DVDs on my computer. I use PowerDVD for that.

Some DVDs work just fine. But there are many - and that occurs especially, when I try to watch German DVDs with the language set for the original English version, (but also with the German synchronisations sometimes) - where the sound is sooo low, you can barely understand what they're saying!
Even worse: In a lot of these cases, the sheer 'sound' (like explosions, music or just the sound of an elevator) is LOUD, while the dialoque appears to come up like a whisper! (which means, I have to readjust the volume All the time!)

I HATE IT! I'm fed up with it! It's fucking ANNOYING!

My guess is, that I simply use the wrong sound-options of the software. But it is so complex - I would need to start a series of scientific experiemts with small changes and always using the same part of a movie to get ANY reliable result. Plus: I'd have to keep in mind all of the results to compare them, which is impossible.

So, pleeeeze: does ANYONE know, how to set the sound options to stop this? I'm using a notebook with 2 very cheap boxes attached.

All I want is, hearing, what people are talking while NOT getting my ears blasted by a truck or a rainstorm.


Avoiding your question completely roni, have you tried using VLC to play your DVDs? It's a much simpler app and has the bonus that it won't try to modify the Region setting of your DVD drive if you play an imported DVD.

Otherwise, with PowerDVD, I'd only suggest try turning off the TruSurround enhancements and select plain Stereo for the output mode.
VLC is an excellent, free proggie which plays almost everything seamlessly, but it won't solve your audio issues. With a bad 2 stereo speaker, you're pretty much screwed. Have you tried using the raw stereo output (without all the Dolby shit "enhancements")?

You might consider buying a cheap 5.1 surround system, that way you could adjust the volume of all speakers (lowering the satellites and cranking up the central one for the dialogue parts).

You could also try Media Player Classic Home Cinema, which is yet another great free application. The good thing about MPC-HC is that you're allowed to play high definition content in an old computer -provided you have a compatible graphics card:
thanks friends.
Will try it with the 'enhancements' turned off.

I do use vlc-player for all video-files and for DVDs with RC1.

But I like some little things about Power-DVD, that don't work with vlc, such as fast-forward in different speeds to find a special scene or slow-forward to find a frame I want to capture/screenshot. Also I like the option to start a DVD at the same point, I stopped it the last time. That's why I still work with it, when I watch RC0/2-DVDs.

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