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Hey all -- newbie here -- I have a 'presentation copy' of Septuagenarian Stew, and I'm hoping someone can help clue me in on the deal with those.

I've checked out the Collecting Bukowski site, which has great info on print runs of 1st, signed, lettered, etc., but don't know how to determine how many presentation copies are out there of different books. It's got the blue spine of the signed (no print) edition.

Any help or feedback is appreciated!
From Aaron Krumhansl's indispensable bibliography:


c. First edition, hardcover, numbered and signed issue:

Collation as a. Dimensions as b. $35. Binding as b., except with a blue cloth backstrip. Tan endsheets. Red and gold false headband. Colophon as a.

511 signed copies were published 10 May 1990: 500 copies numbered 1-500 plus 11 copies, 10 marked "Presentation Copy" and 1 copy marked "File Copy."
don't know how to determine how many presentation copies are out there of different books.
The number of presentation copies is not consistent. Your best bet would be to buy a copy of Krumhansl's bibliography. As you can see, chronic calls it indispensable, and you won't find many around here who would disagree with that.
Great -- thank you both very much -- this is the one, yes -- "A Descriptive Bibliography of the Primary Publications of Charles Bukowski" from 1999? Amazon's got used copies for $40 -- that price sound right? It DOES seem to be indispensable. Thanks again for the help.
Presentation copies are almost certainly overrun copies. You never know what will happen with copies, so you over-order copies from the printer. If you need 26 lettered, you order 30, if you need 100 numbered, you order more than 100. There could be a printer's error, or damage, or whatever. Any extra copies would probably be marked "Presentation" and given out. I have seen other presses use "Exchange Copy" on magazines, but have never seen this with Black Sparrow, so I assume that they are one and the same. If that is true, then it makes sense that the Presentation copies can appear with any of the different color spines. Now if yours has a painting, or is personalized to someone that was a part of the book, then that is a True PRESENTATION COPY.

Still, I don't think that I have any presentation copies in my collection. I always dreamed of having one, but never did...

As far as the book by Krumhansl, yes, that is the one and it is a deal at $40. I think that it was published at $50. It is worth much more as a valuable reference.


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