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I was amazed to see reprint BSP paperbacks (not even 1st editions) of South of No North and Factotum and one or two others recently selling on E-Bay (British seller and I assume British bidders) for unbelieveable prices, like $45 and $75. I can't figure out why because these Brit sellers and bidders have access to the same internet stores we do. Maybe it is just the frenzy of the bidding process. Still, shocking and making me really regret having given away and sold very cheaply to my local bookdealer, so many 1st edition BSP Buk paperbacks as I upgraded my collection.
It's odd, yes, but that's ebay. You never know what's going to happen. Sometimes ten people will bid on a trashed Hollywood paperback that isn't worth $5, and then the next week something that you think is going to go sky high doesn't even get a bid, or goes for a low opening bid.

I was wondering how many people here use ebay regularly. Maybe we could have an ebay forum. I know on the surface it doesn't seem to have much to do with Bukowski, but it's a great source if you don't have the $$$ to buy from 'real-world' dealers.

The only problem with that is I wouldn't post something in the forum that I hoped to bid on and win, because I wouldn't want to draw attention to it. Heh. But I guess as a heads-up for others if you see a good deal on something you already have...I dunno.
Jesus christ...all that from two bidders, both new to ebay, so who knows. The seller must be shitting his pants. I have to watch that and see where it ends up. Offer my similar copy to the loser for only $100. Ha.
the same guy won both of those...someone should get him a price guide...
actually, the two same people were fighting over both!
Yeah, I have to start an ebay forum here. There's too much I want to comment on. Heh.

Or just rename this forum.
Yes, would someone please help me understand the selling prices on those soft covers....
I completely freaked out when I saw the Bone Palace title going for that,
I thought
My god! that is my book from the lot of 15 I just sold to Denmark,
Ah, but Alas,
The next soft I saw from the same guy was not part of the lot I sold him,....
Did you start an ebay forum mjp?
Well, that is just fucking weird, that guy.

But it's funny, he could change the value of the Black Sparrow editions of books single handedly. Well, not single handedly - he has to have someone equally insane to bid against. If you doubt that, just remember that in the summer of 2003 two people changed the value of Bukowski manuscripts, almost overnight, and they did it on eBay.

From 1998 to 2003, Scott Harrison of Abandoned Planet bookstore in San Francisco sold hundreds of Bukowski manuscripts on ebay for $75 to $300. Some of what he sold was marginal, less valuable stuff (later Xeroxes and computer printouts), but he also sold many priceless gems (like an original poem typescript from 1979 - I've never seen another original sell on eBay, ever, and only a few through rare book dealers pre-eBay).

In 2003 Scott told me he was at the end of his manuscripts - literally down to the last dozen (not true, obviously, as he continues to list them two or three years later) - and for some reason, a couple of big bidders suddenly came out of the woodwork to buy. So during the summer of 2003, the manuscripts jumped from $75-$300 to $1100-$1200, virtually overnight.

The higher prices may be a more accurate, considering the prices comparative author's manuscripts go for, but then Bukowski created more manuscripts than most comparative authors. In any event, it was weird to see stuff go for $1225 when I bought better poems from the same book manuscript for $80.

But the reason you see less than stellar manuscripts selling now in the $700 - $1000 range is because of those two guys. Whoever is bidding up these shit-condition common BS paperbacks could have a similar impact. Stranger things have happened.
mjp said:
Whoever is bidding up these shit-condition common BS paperbacks could have a similar impact. Stranger things have happened.

I hope not, it could prevent a lot of young potential fans from getting into Buk. I discovered many of my favourite writers from picking up cheap paperbacks in used bookstores, etc. Some things are and should be rare, but not 8th printing BSP paperbacks...
Yikes. Well, that's already close to what it's real value has been. But who knows with those two going at it.

I've never seen this book, even a mint first edition, go for anywhere near $150...it's the same counterbidder, gemdoglex. He and alainmarcel123 seem to be arch (bidding) enemies. Heh.

I emailed alainmarcel123 and suggested he might want to come in here and ask about values before bidding. We'll see how he reacts.
Yeah, there's something almost phony about the whole thing...but I thought the same thing about the manuscript guys - that they were in cahoots with someone or something - but that wasn't the case. Just a weird phenomenon playing out...
cirerita said:
what? a 100 bucks for a trade paperback ed. of The Night Torn...???

I'm beginning to think this is really weird! The French guy has already won a better copy -hardcover & numbered- for a lower price

One to read, one to keep? Bukowski Club? Library? Shop? Hates Bukowski and wants to pulp all his books?

Winner of the Euro-Millions Lottery?

Weirdo? Madman?

Maybe he'll pop in here one day and reveal all... :rolleyes:

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Weird? Same seller... same bidder... same book????



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