Prism International Fall 1985 v 24 n 1 (1 Viewer)

2 poems :

Escape ( pages 16-17)
Love Poem To A Stripper (pages 18-19)

I believe these never appeared in any prior magazine.




Escape is in Sifting Through the Madness (with drinking removed and other changes, of course). Love Poem To A Stripper is in You Get So Alone (with drinking removed again(!), but no other changes).

As you can see, it's valuable to see these originally published versions. Maybe you could get the rest of the second page of the stripper...
The word "compunction" sticks out a little in the first poem.
But since Prism is such a "snobby outfit", maybe he put it in for their sake. ;-)

Sort of like when Buk exchanges "masturbate" for jack off" in a scene in Hollywood.

Exchanging "compunction" for "remorse" in Sifting is worse though.
As usual for the Butcher.

Oh well, at least I learned a new word today.
yeah Prism here in Canada is a university rag that aspires to be something akin to The Paris Review. A lot of professors publishing professors and their bios/CVs, that sort of thing.

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