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I tried not to get the cliff's notes on the film before i went to see it. I wanted to be legitimately surprised. I like ridley scott. I like blade runner. This is not blade runner, but it's one step closer to ridley scott's opus.

This undertaking was amazing. The score and cinematography work together in a glorious cadence to make the two hours the film is worth seamless. Plus, the question of our beginnings, being manufactured by beings other than ourselves , is a concept i follow furiously. It is my fetish.

What do people of Prometheus? Ridley scott? His other films? Existentialism? DIY abortions?
I hated this film. The characters were flat and boring. The monster-aliens looked cheesy and generic. The concept was pretentious. I like the captain though. All time favorite pick-up line: "Are you a robot?"
Watched Blade Runner just yesterday, like Ridley Scott's films a lot and can't wait to see Prometheus. I'll have to be patient untill it starts at German movie theaters in early August.

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