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Did black sparrow print multiple runs of the promotional broadsides, or were they all technically "first" editions?

I just bought a couple on eBay for way less than they usually sell for on Abe, so I'm wondering if I lucked into them, or if I bought reprints. Any way to tell?
I bought four of the signed/numbered broadsides from Red in the '80s, framed them and hung them in a room where they were not exposed to especially bright light. One day I noticed that the numbering had faded to quite a bit, so I took them down and put them away in a art portfolio binder. They continued to fade. The signatures still look fine but now there is no trace of the numbering on any of them. What a pisser.
i can't wait to frame the one for "bring me your love". that's always been one of my favorite buk stories, and i'm a sucker for crumb. i'm still in shock that i got that and the one for hot water music plus a bunch of other shit for $16.50. I had budgeted almost 4x that. the thing that's confusing about it (bring me your love) is that, if you look on abebooks, you see it described as 11 x 15, 12 x 15, 10 x 17, and 9 3/4 x 17. also, some people say it is burgundy and blue printed on white, and others say it's red and purple printed on pink. that's one of the reasons i thought there mus be multiple printings floating around.
I think they just used whatever paper was on hand. There were a lot of variations - this was certainly not a BSP focus - the books were. I know that the flyers were trimmed differently for the Canadian market.


Fading is the bane of my existence!
All the spines with red lettering are especially susceptible.
Yellow, blue and green are not much better.

Septuagenarian Stew is hard to find with an unfaded spine, Roominghouse impossible.

A nice touch would have been if BSP had made the mylar dust jackets UV blocking.

But I'm just dreaming now.

A real pisser.
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I have no fading problems, but my books are in a room with NO sunlight and only very little incandescent light.

Sept is perfect as is Roominghouse....

I don't have a room with no sunlight apart from my bathroom and I ain't keep'n em in dare!
That would be a real pisser

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