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I've seen the name "FrancEyE" in print, but never heard it pronounced.

Is it "France-Eye"? "Francie-E"? Or something else?
When Bukowski died, one of the news stories on the radio (probably NPR) mentioned "FranceEye" and they pronounced it "France-Eye."
I think its France-Eye. Like Fungus becomes Fungi...

Her real name is Frances Smith, but someone told her that Frances sounded plural so she changed it to FrancEyE.

'Must we admire the poet to honor his work?' by Al Martinez, LA Times January 7, 2008

I'm not suggesting she's mouldy, or into mushrooms though :D
You might want to turn the video off after he pronounces her name. . .

So I didn't pay attention to your last warning, Dad Luke, but I am still laughing. "There is no shame in sitting down" ...I guess he thought about that. hahahaha! It's a good thing I worked Saturday and Sunday so this isn't a real Monday morning for me. ;)
I vote for Franci. Like Fungi. I am going to have a nice day.

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