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you know the ones i am talking about, our boy doing some fingering and some tit sucking on a young lady... is that linda? who took these pictures and why? they are pretty striking, my girlfriend saw me saving them onto my hard drive and was a little disturbed... very interesting pictures... please give me some information.

The woman is Tina Darby, a Gogo dancer and neighbor of Buk's on DeLongpre (?). The photos were discovered by Linda King and ripped up. They were then taped back together and published in "The Buk Book".

Anything else?

No, it's not Linda but Tina darby. Tina and Brad Darby were Buk's neighbours. She was a stripper and he was the manager of Le Sex Shoppe.
They were good friends of Buk's and they spend a lot of time together.
Buk, Brad and some visitors posed for the pictures. And as they were looking at them the next day, Linda King came in screaming and grabbed the pictures and ripped them apart. It came to a fight and Linda injured Tina's finger so she had to go to the hospital...
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are these the neighbors depicted in "women"?

forgive me... it has been awhile since i have read buks stuff... the body of his work is a delightful mush in my brain...
Oh, by the way, I have listed all (or nearly all) pseudonyms occuring in "Women" and "Hollywood" in the thread called "Pseudonyms!!" (All things Bukowski)...

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